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We don’t want to have to lay down the rules, but it’s inevitable that there will be issues if we don’t. We would like to avoid issues, so please read the rules.

Fatbike Frozen 40 Rules:

  1. Don’t Be a Dick (Credit goes to the original owner, Breck Epic, on this one…)
  2. Fatbikes only. Fatbikes are those bikes with at least 3.7 inch wide tires. If you don’t have one, we’d recommend joining as a team and sharing or borrowing one.
  3. A CPSC, ANSI, or SNELL approved helmet is required.
  4. No littering. This applies to on course and in the parking lot.
  5. Riders must race under their own name/registration. Riders who bandit the race by racing under someone else’s name and registration will not only be disqualified, but you will also never be allowed to race any of our races ever again.
  6. If you drop out of the race, you must notify a race official or timing.
  7. Racers cannot stash support including nutrition, equipment, or any other gear or items on course before the race.
  8. Racers can receive outside support on course.
  9. Racers must let faster riders past when it’s safe for them to do so.
  10. 40-mile racers must be done by 4:00pm.
  11. 20-mile racers must be done by 3:30pm.
  12. Racers must stay on course. Cutting the course is not permitted and really lame.
  13. Be nice.

Cancellation/Weather Policy

***Registration and transaction fees are nonrefundable, including in the event of extreme weather or cancellation. Registration is not transferable to another person or another event for any reason, including injury. Competing under another person’s name will result in disqualification. In the event of poor conditions, we are held to park rules and will try our best to have a recreational group ride and gathering if possible. If it’s not possible, the event will be cancelled. Due to the nature of winter racing, there is no raindate.***

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