Fat Frozen Fun

The Fat Frozen Fun Team Relay Race is CANCELLED due to weather.


The Fat Frozen Fun is a beginner-friendly fatbike race on the singletrack trails at Elm Creek Park in Champlin, Minnesota. There is a 2-hour option for teams of 2 or 3 racers and a 4-hour option for teams of 2, 3, or 4 racers. There is also a solo 2-lap “Newly Fat” race meant for those just getting into fatbiking and/or mountain biking. (If you want to race solo in a more competitive environment, check out our Fatbike Frozen Forty.)

We will raise money to donate to the Minnesota High School Cycling League through this race. Read below under “How Does It Work?”


The Fat Frozen Fun Relay Race is based on FUN competition. This race is meant for riders who are more concerned about their teammates and having fun while competing than they are about training, watching power numbers, and the lightest carbon fatbike rims.

The Fat Frozen Fun is for you if:

  • You put a focus on fun in your riding and racing
  • You’re a good teammate
  • You’re can be characterized as: Newer rider/fatbiker, nervous about competing in your first race by yourself, intermediate rider who is uncomfortable with the traditional mass starts, or an advanced racer who wants to join up with friends
  • You’re more worried about your experience than you are about your recent functional threshold and watching watts and calories
  • You want to challenge that pesky team in your office
  • You don’t have a fatbike and want to share one with a teammate


 2 Hour Relay Fees (Limited to 75 riders)

– Men’s Team (2 or 3 racers): $25 per person

– Women’s Team (2 or 3 racers): $25 per person

– Mixed Team – Men & Women (2 or 3 racers): $25 per person

* Mixed teams of 2 and 3 must have a minimum of one female racer.

 4 Hour Relay Fees (Limited to 75 riders)

– Men’s Team (2, 3 or 4 racers): $25 per person

– Women’s Team (2, 3 or 4 racers): $25 per person

– Mixed Team – Men & Women (2, 3 or 4 racers): $25 per person

* Mixed teams of 2 and 3 must have a minimum of one female racer and mixed teams of 4 must have 2 men and 2 women.

 2 Lap Newly Fat Race (Limited to 25 riders)

– Men’s: $10 per person

– Women’s: $10 per person

* The 2-lap beginner race is meant for riders who are new to fatbikes, new to mountain biking in general, or just want to enjoy a race without having to be intimidated by all the normal racing crowd. It’s meant to be a laid back opportunity to push yourself against similar competition.

Awards will be given for the following categories:

– 1st/2nd/3rd – 2 Hour Team Men

– 1st/2nd/3rd – 2 Hour Team Women

– 1st/2nd/3rd – 2 Hour Team Mixed

– 1st/2nd/3rd – 4 Hour Team Men

– 1st/2nd/3rd – 4 Hour Team Women

– 1st/2nd/3rd – 4 Hour Team Mixed

– 2-Lap Newly Fat Race – 1st/2nd/3rd Men and Women Overall


This is a relay race, meaning that one team member is out on the course at a time. You pick the order and each team member can do as few or as many laps that you all decide to do. The only lap requirement is that each team member must race at least one lap.

So…here’s how it works:

1) Get a team together and sign up

2) Choose who will ride each lap. After you come through timing, tag your team member and they will ride off

3) The most team total laps after the allotted time wins.

BONUS ITEMS (All of this money goes to the Minnesota High School Cycling League):

1) Avoid the “Fat Penalty Lap.”  There will be a “toll booth” located after the team exchange area and before the entrance to the singletrack. The “toll” to skip the Fat Penalty Lap and go directly to the singletrack is $2. Fine print: there are no prepayment or ipass options – it’s pay as you go. *Racers who are 18 years old and younger are exempt from the toll.

map with toolbooth
The “Fat Penalty Lap” is shown in pink. Pay the $2 toll instead!

2) Cheat…legally – get a head start.  Teams can get a 5 minute head start at the beginning of the race (start at 9:55am instead of 10am for the 4-hour race and at 11:55am instead of 12pm for the 2-hour race.) Here’s how:

– Donate $25 (total for team) or more to the Minnesota High School Cycling League HERE, then:

– Send an email titled “Head Start – FFF” with a copy of the receipt, your team name, and race (2 hour or 4 hour) to info@frozen-events.com. You’re number plate will indicate a head start allowed. Then, be ready to start 5 minutes early!

3) Get bonus prizes.  We will stash eggs filled with money (in various amounts up to $20!) and other goodies (to be determined) along the course. You can determine whether stopping to pick up eggs is worth your time.

Look for eggs filled with various prizes along the course. Do you take the time to gather some goods??!!



Why Should You Race? (and bring your friends…)

We have taken great pride in offering a great racer experience and great course at our Fatbike Frozen 40 every year, thanks to the help of some great trailworkers and supportive people. Thank you everyone for helping us, as well as attending our other events.

Race Highlights:

– Groomed singletrack course

– Timed racing

– Each registered racer receives the following:

+ Free custom, reusable Frozen Events tote bag

+ Fat Frozen Fun sticker pack

– Custom fire-branded awards for top 3 teams in each category (each racer on the team gets an award)

– Heated tent for check-in, pre/during/post race resting and relaxing

– Complimentary coffee (Daily Dose in Maple Grove) and hot chocolate

– Music

– Limited edition Fat Frozen Fun t shirts available for purchase, with all profits of the shirts going to the Minnesota High School Cycling League

– Feed station stocked with some performance drink and other basic food

– Fire pits with campfires to keep your frozen fingers from falling off

The start of our annual Fatbike Frozen Forty race at the same location at the Fat Frozen Fun


Exact times are subject to small tweaks. If you have any questions or would like to volunteer, please contact us.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Packet Pick Up:

– 4-8pm at a venue to be determined 

– Getting all set up on Friday night will make sure there are no timing issues, team issues, or any other issues and will help you to avoid spending any extra time messing around with things on Saturday morning.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Race Day:

(Note: If you checked in Friday night, you only need to confirm your name and number with race official on Saturday)

– 7:45-9:30 am – Prerace check-in (If you checked in Friday night, there is no need to check in Saturday morning)

– 9:45 am – Prerace meeting at start line

– 10:00 am – Race start for all 4-hour racers 

– 12:00 pm – Race start for all 2-hour racers

– 1:00 pm – Race start for all 2-lap “Newly Fat” racers

– 2 pm – All laps for the 2 & 4-hour races must be complete

– 2:30 – 3:30 pm – Post Race Meeting, Awards, Prizes


“Newly Fat,” 2, and 4 Hour Races – 3.1 Mile Laps

Why Short Laps?

We are utilizing short laps to keep teammates involved and to give racers a chance to race several laps and make an impact for their team.

Lap Times

Racers should anticipate an average of about 7-8 miles per hour, so plan accordingly. We’ve based this off the average race speed for the Fatbike Frozen Forty over the last two years.



Venue/Course Location

DO NOT go to the main entrance and chalet. The Elm Creek singletrack trail is located away from the main park entrance and main chalet. A good source of directions can be found at the Minnesota Off-Road Cyclists page, here.


From the Minneapolis metro, head north on 169 past 494. The main trailhead is at approximately 1827 W Hayden Lake Rd, Champlin, MN(this isn’t a real address; it just works with Google Maps). From 169, head west on West Hayden Lake Road. At the Y in the road, stay left, following the brown “County Park” signs. The trailhead is on the left and the parking lot is on the right.


We strongly encourage you to carpool the race and arrive early (Check-in is from 7-8:30 am; race starts at 9:00 am). Parking will be limited in the lot and limited on the road, so we cannot guarantee that everyone will have a spot to park in the parking lot. We will do our best, within the rules of the park, to coordinate parking and to ensure all racers have a place to park. We ask those who are near the area to consider parking close to the park and sharing a ride together to the race if possible, to allow parking to be easiest for those who are not familiar with the area.

Getting Here

Approximate drive times from:

  • Chicago – 6.75 hours
  • Des Moines – 4 hours
  • Duluth – 2.25 hours
  • Fargo – 3.25 hours
  • Kansas City – 6.75 hours
  • Green Bay – 4.5 hours
  • Madison – 4.5 hours
  • Milwaukee – 5.5 hours
  • Rapid City – 8.75 hours
  • Sioux Falls – 4 hours
  • Thunder Bay – 6 hours
  • Winnipeg – 7 hours


This is a first year event, so here are no previous results. We will post the results after the race here. Stay tuned!


We are seeking sponsors currently. If you would like to be a sponsor of the Fat Frozen Fun Fatbike Relay Race, please contact us at info@frozen-events.com.


Fat Frozen Fun Rules:

  • Don’t Be a Dick (Credit goes to the original owner, Breck Epic, on this one…)
  • A CPSC, ANSI, or SNELL approved helmet is required.
  • Fatbikes only. Fatbikes are those bikes with at least 3.7 inch wide tires.
  • Teams can share bikes with team members (not everyone on the team needs to have their own fatbike).
  • Each team member must race at least one lap.
  • No littering. This applies to on course and in the parking lot.
  • Riders must race under their own name/registration. Riders who bandit the race by racing under someone else’s name and registration will not only be disqualified, but you will also never be allowed to race any of our races ever again.
  • If you drop out of the race, you must notify a race official or timing.
  • Racers cannot stash support including nutrition, equipment, or any other gear or items on course before the race.
  • Racers can receive outside support on course.
  • Racers must let faster riders past when it’s safe for them to do so.
  • 2 and 4-Hour racers must be done with their last lap by 2:00pm. Laps finished after 2:00pm will not count.
  • Racers must stay on course. Cutting the course is not permitted and really lame.
  • Be nice.


Cancellation/Weather Policy

***Registration and transaction fees are nonrefundable, including in the event of extreme weather or cancellation. Registration is not transferable to another person or another event for any reason, including injury. Competing under another person’s name will result in disqualification. In the event of poor conditions, we are held to park rules and will try our best to have a recreational group ride and gathering if possible. If it’s not possible, the event will be cancelled. Due to the nature of winter racing, there is no raindate.***