Who is behind Frozen Events?

Ben Welnak – Owner/Director

Hey all, I’m Ben Welnak, the race director of Frozen Events. After being involved with the Fatbike Frozen 40 for several years in different capacities, I took over full time in 2016.

My beautiful wife, Amy, son, Clae, and daughter, Paige, are very supportive and hear about bikes way more than any normal family. I am originally from Wisconsin and recently lived near Denver, Colorado for 6 years, before moving to North Dakota and then to Wisconsin.

I started mountain biking in 2006 after five years of running various distances and racing triathlons of various distances. I’m a competitive guy and turned to racing as soon as I started mountain biking. Since then, I have a lot of experience racing all distances, including 24 hour solos, 12 hour solos, 100 miles, 50 milers, XC distance, fatbikes, gravel, and everything in between.

I am the creator and owner of Grit Events, Mountain Bike Radio and a 50% owner of Riding Gravel. You can reach me at ben@mountainbikeradio.com.